Lonely People , their mindset and Different world

Lonely People , their mindset and Different world

Two days ago something inspired me to write about people who feel themselves really alone . Indeed i also felt alone few times so i was one of them . While in this article i am more concerned about those people who manipulate their loneliness to become something different person . Most of the  people who live alone who have no interaction with anyone usually became Psychic while Psychic according to Merriam Webster dictionary means sensitive to non physical or supernatural forces and influences: marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception or understanding. I am not denying the fact that  there may be  mystical forces which may mystify enough to open your senses to an extent that may make you keep on thinking and exploring about those mysteries. My point is When we are physically alone for long period of time i mean when mentally too we feel alone then What happens?

Our mind is so complicated and sharp that it manipulates our senses in a variety of ways which we are not aware of .Do you know most of the things you do are automatic responses such as somebody uses bad words for you and you feel annoyed . You are late for somewhere you feel frustrated . You see something delicious so you feel hungry and so on .  So when you feel alone your mind automatically  wants a friend or anyone with whom you feel good . In that scenario , when there is no one with you , your mind turn towards finding  a friend or someone from the Universe . Yes , i used a big word called UNIVERSE which includes you , myself and everyone and also those which are yet to be identified by humans . Such people you must have heard that they say saw an alien type body . First of all  the question is who told them anything which does look like human or animal is an alien . Let us suppose we are in  18th century and mobile phones such as IPhone is not available obviously and in that era you see a IPhone , what will you think about it and what would be your response ?  Your response would be very strange towards that object because it is yet to be known by the world. So this implies that , when we are alone and we see mystical objects or happening we simple need not come to conclusion that they saw a spaceship from different planet or they saw an unknown thing traveling in the sky or saw a very unusual species. If we accept that fact that there vast amount of diversity in the universe and diversity might be as big as our universe . We think that there are 9 planets in the universe in which humans live on earth so life is only on earth and so there can be no other life . No . that’s not true that our perception that our planet is only planet where life is possible .Its just we haven’t yet discovered  if there are humans on any other planet in the whole universe . In a recent live stream , i saw people were exploring ghost and assuming that ghost is at such and such place . Can you explain that what was the necessity of searching a ghost .  What makes a human being to search for ghost ? Such as you cannot see god because it is formless so is the spirit . If we respect the diversity in nature we will find that everything is possible and in this way you might believe in the God which is formless. Also some lonely people say that they are connected to alien who transmits information to their mind and tell them the future and so on . This all just happens who are not living in this dimension i mean this happens because they do not live in the present moment . Their mind is somewhere else but definitely not in the present . Such people think that they saw something which was mysterious . Yes , indeed they must have seen something mysterious and these people could notice it because their mind was forcing them to search and to know about such happenings while other could not notice because they are too busy to deal with daily activities ,job or business,  family and friends. So other people think either they are psychic or feeling delusions.

So  what is the solution ? Solution to escape from such psychic feelings and also feelings of being lonely is to make yourself busy in the things you loved . Such as you might have loved playing chess but  you can play chess online with the world . You might loved gardening , fishing , cleaning utensils or reading variety of books  or going for a walk , listening music or dancing or hiking . Search and  explore what you liked , explore your good moments of life and learn to re cherish them instead of searching those things which might lead you to rehabilitation center. Life is beautiful if you realize the beauty of  it.

Network For Companies

Network For Companies

Question- What it means to be a computer Network for a company ?

Answer – Many organizations have a number of computers in operations often localized far apart e.g. a company with many branches many have computer at each location to keep track of inventories , monitor productivity and do the payroll. Initially these branches do the work in isolation with each other, but at some point of time , the management decides to connect them to extract and correlate information about the entire company for the benefit of the company .


Components of computer network

Components of computer network


First of all we need to know that a network is a combination of different components . The most essential components of simple network are listed below:-

  1. Server
  2. Nodes
  3. Workstation
  4. Network operating system
  1. Server:- Servers are faster computer that run various software’s, store and process information and also provides a human interface for the user to be able to use the networked computers.
  2. Nodes :- Nodes are the computer on the network which are provided to the users to carry out their task using the network.
  3. Workstation :- A node which is more powerful , and can handle local information processing or graphics processing is called a workstation . The workstation works for the person sitting in front of it , where as server serves all the people on the network to share its resources . A workstation usually has an inexpensive ,small hard disk or having disk less workstation or having no disk drives of their own . Such terminals are also called as dumb terminals and they rely completely on the LAN for their access. The network operating system lets the nodes work as if all the resources at the server belong to the node itself.
  4. Network Operating System :- The network require some software to control all the transfer activity on the network , like the traffic police to control the traffic . The software called as NOS handles these tasks.
  5. LAN software :- On the network ,each computer is called a node or a workstation unless there are certain computers designed as servers . LAN cables connect all the nodes and servers together to form the network . In additions to local disk operating system , each node requires networking software that enables the node to communicate with the servers. In return , File Servers run network software the communicates with the nodes.
  6. LAN cable :- This is the medium or channel over which the information travels from computer to computer . The information travels from one computer to another onto the medium and then from the medium to another computer in the form of that it can be read.
  7. Network Interface Card:– Each computer contains a network interface card . This card is used to connect the cables to the computer . These cards can help the computer to transfer the data at a faster rate and in the form of packets . These cards are plugged into the computer motherboard . These cards are generally called as Ethernet cards.


Advantages of Computer Network

Advantages of Computer Network

Advantages of Computer Network

  1. Share a Single copy of file among all the users , even simultaneously.
  2. Transfer files from computer to computer or from one computer to the central hard disk on the server .
  3. Share applications over the entire network , thus reducing the cost of purchasing the multiple copies .A multi user license cost much less than buying a stand alone license .
  4. Share resources like printers ,hard disks ,CD-ROM Drives , MODEM, Fax machine etc.
  5. Use email for internal communications, insert office notes etc. , creating almost paperless office etc.
What is computer network

What is computer network

What is computer network?

Before understanding what is computer network we need to know what is network?


A network is a group of various components connected together in such a way that , it is possible to distribute or collect information over the entire group.

And what is computer Network?

Computer Network means interconnected collection of autonomous computer . Two computer are said to be interconnected if they are able to exchange information . The connection can be wired or wireless.

Question No-1 Which is not a network?

Answer – 1) A large computer with remote printers and terminals is not a network.

2) Nor a system with one control and many slaves in a network.

Question No 2 What is meant to be connected to a network?

Answer. 1) With a network user must explicitly log in to a machine ,explicitly submit jobs remotely , explicitly move files around and generally handle all network management personally .

2) Distribution or exchange of information is very important for any group of activity to work and function efficiently and this is best achieved by networking .

Computer network have become an important tool of communication , with an added advantage of being able to store large amount of data and also being able to deliver it as and when demanded .

Art of non judging and non comparing other people with yourself

Art of non judging and non comparing other people with yourself

You must have seen that whenever we watch a commercial on T.V of a branded costlier watch ,Car, Mobile or anything which is a matter of our interest . In a matter of seconds we associate ourselves with that advertisement and imagine and presume that if we get that “object” we will also feel “Royal” . For a moment we forget that we really  need that object or not ? We think that if a person has costly things he must be rich and if he does not have costlier things he must be poor person . We  assume that if a person is speaking good he must be a public speaker , a lawyer , a politician  or anything good but good.  If a person is bad behavior then he must be a criminal type person or anything worst you can think of. 

Now lets take a pause and think what is it we doing? 

we are simply judging others. From the start of the day till you go to bed , just concentrate on what you are thinking when you talk to other people, when you buy something, when you watch an advertisement , when you are simply with yourself. 

“you are just comparing and judging”

One more example :- Suppose you recently watched a movie in which there was villain which you hated very much because of bad behavior and now you have an image of him that he was bad and pretending if you were a hero you would have almost killed him . Now in real life you go to some place such as party or place where you met an unknown person who has resemblance with “that” villain. What image you will get of him ?  Its simple you would think that he looks like that villain and his character too would be like him and i just hate him . This is what our mental situation is. We think so much about others and waste a lot of energy while judging and comparing other. 

Similarly you saw a girl and according to you she was a normal girl but as soon as she won a Miss Universe title she appeared glamorous and most sexiest to you but now you could not get her because she has different agenda in her life than you . What you do , you immediately think that any girl who look just like her could be your girlfriend. Earlier she was normal looking girl and you had no interest in her.  In this way we can see that how we compare and judge people by their looks and achievements. 

What If We Don’t Judge and Compare?

There are many benefits of “Not comparing and Judging” 

  • We can take correct decisions if we simply do not judge people because of we have already made an image of other people in our mind. For example , you are about to meet an unknown person from whom you might get some benefit because of their knowledge and expertization and  you meet this person but you judge him by the place he lives and clothes he wears  and you get agitated that you do not want  advise from such people because you are of high standard community . In that case , because of your ability to prejudge people you lost a great benefit. 
  • You save a lot of mental energy . When you are not prejudging people you have saved a tonnes of energy for doing useful and creative work. Only thing you have to do  just let it go as it is without giving a thought of it . Because more you judge and compare yourself with others you lose your ability to think correctly . 
  • Judging and comparing lowers down your self esteem . How? When you compare yourself with other people . You immediately put yourself down . Just remember that you are incomparable . You are unique . There can be no one like you. What you have to do is to recognize you greatest ability. Don’t compare  yourself with others even if they are lower than you because they must be having “their” unique abilities which you do not have. 
  • If you want to win other people then the greatest tip is “DON’T  PREJUDGE AND COMPARE”. Yes, this is successful advise for anyone who wants to win the hearts of people or anyone whom you love because the moment you prejudged them they will start thinking according to what you think and then they will compare and prejudge then definitely this would not be a good step for healthy relationship . Give enough time to know each other but do not prejudge and compare and pass remarks that they are like that or this ,even if you do not intend to build any relationship in future with them otherwise this would create wrong impression of you.   
  • If you want to feel mentally healthy and want to create room for creative thoughts then do not make a habit of judging people. Judging others kills your creativity . Watch your thoughts and make a note of it that how many times you indulged yourself in judging others. 

Concluding this topic if you apply this art of “not judging and comparing people” you could feel miles  of difference in your lifestyle .