What is it?

I am not  an official researcher of any subject . What i feel is , i try to go into depth of anything which currently i am dealing with. As i tell you that i am very much into spiritual side of life means i do lot of thinking not because i do it intentionally but there is something in my life which makes me think again and again . Half of the year 2016 i spent listening to very knowledgeable people who are very spiritual other half i followed one spiritually awakened person who knows the tricks of life and knows how it captures us badly when we continue feeding negativity.Most of the spiritual gurus gives you all the answers when you listen to them openly . Only trouble is to know how to follow that great path of love , devotion, honesty , sincerity , compassion and empathy. It is so easy to speak the word “love” while Love itself is very “big” word . Love excludes selfishness while in today’s world we are intentionally or intentionally add lust, greed , desire to it . We all have forgotten what is love? Love is the basis of humanity . While i have seen , that people make fun of love by misusing it with “how much you gifts or objects you can give to your partner/loved one or how much greed you can fulfill them . Big socially approved spiritual people talk of “empathy”, tell me who has empathy .How empathy can be justified tell me ? It is not about weeping when other one is weeping , right? Empathy is about understanding other pain and instant action towards helping the person who need you in any way . Let us suppose a friend of yours is not happy with you because you are not able to give him/her  five minutes of your day to him/her.What would you say , he/she would be having empathy ? NO! this is not empathy . This is procrastination. Such a person cannot be called as friend . He is no one to you.  And this is very common among all individual that when one needs help other one is busy! These two words “love and empathy” are crushed under power of money .Big rich people laugh of it and make fun of it . That what is love? And one more thing love is not servant of rich people . Love can happen anytime anywhere but for love to happen one needs an heart , a heart which beats , a heart who knows the sentiments, emotions ,pain normally  love is seen among young people and one reason for that is they are far away from the superficial life of show off. i am not talking about those go for  outing with lots of friends using costly cars and wearing branded clothes . Love is far away from those . Because such people only knows how to show off there money. that’s it! . Real love normally does not happen . Real love is all about giving not expecting anything in return . So tell where is such love ? If you gift your girlfriend a gift which is not even costly you still expect she might give you kiss in return . But if you didn’t get it then you feel annoyed or used , right? This is not what i am saying . This is what i have seen , heard and listened from people that how they react and behave in love. Love is all about giving good wishes , thinking good, feel good while today it has been replaced by monetary benefits.

lets talk about survival rate of love without money .

Then i tell you practically ,it is difficult to love without having money in your pocket unless your love is not divine love . A boy impresses girl by showing her how many technical gadgets he owns. A girl impresses him through her advanced lifestyle her beauty . While beauty is given preference but now a days rich girls matters a lot and girls also get impressed easily if she know that the “boy” is very rich at least richer than her. When first time they go on first date both of them try to look as best as they can . And this takes lots of time and money . So here it is clearly defined that we all love the show off not the real person . Although at some point i am also agree that  it is better to look appropriate while meeting your loved one , nor show off neither very ugly . It all requires some amount of money ! I am not getting the correct word , such type of love i may call it as “arranged love” just like arranged marriage. 

from the past six months what i have learned scientifically is we are made of nothing , hence our desires , our lust , our greed , our every thought is nothing . I know this sounds strange to you . But this is truth . You know that our body is made of atoms , atoms combines to form molecules , which further combines to form cells then tissue then organ system then organism . Organism can be animals or humans etc. what i mean is do you ever gave a thought what could be smaller than a “atom” . An atom consist of electrons , protons , neutrons and consist of one nucleus and while galaxies are made up of same constituency if go into depth of it . so the point is which is clarified here is we are just made of star dust. The big question here is ” how something which is made of star dust which itself is made of various combination of gases can have ego, desires, thoughts , emotions? well this was my question . But the my own answer is what to do if are so ? what to do if we have made themselves who have all worldly desires, emotions, thoughts and feeling . Nobody can throw them out like a dust in a house ? These emotions thoughts, desires , feelings , love, pain, empathy , happiness  these all are something which makes us feel we are living . But  when all these feelings goes in access , it becomes a disease which are all facing knowingly or unknowingly at some point of time. Now here comes the role of “meditation” or “dhyana” in which  a person has to sit comfortably and chanting any mantra in mind or can be concentrating on any other thing . Mostly it has to be learned by a master who teaches how to get into meditation .what my thought is that meditation can improve your way of thinking and lifestyle if you already working and earning something ,otherwise doing too much meditation can turn you to spiritual guide or master or monk. Half hour of meditation is more than enough . Meditation is all about exploring one self . There are chances even after practicing meditation for long time you may not feel that you have actually learned anything . This happens when we are not aware of what we are doing . But one thing is sure , even if we are not aware of meditation , mediation takes care of us . It is continuously bringing change within us and if you are aware of it then this would be a heavenly experience . I have lots of other things to share with you which i will share in other blogs. Thanks!


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