How can we know if a person is really spiritual?

spiritualityMost of the time we get to know a person through his work and lifestyle  such as if a person is Politician ,Doctor, Engineer, Scientist, Author or anything which tells us who is he? Now the thing is we can easily know him through is work but how we will know if a person is spiritual or not ? First of all there are very few people in the world who are tagged as spiritual because they are spiritual leaders  . These are  one the very few people among the large population who devote their whole life in the benefits of other people. Benefits such as in terms of health . Most of the spiritual leaders worldwide spreads information that ” How  can we keep ourselves healthy”? These people are slightly different than doctors who prescribe medicine . They will purposefully describe you that how doing yoga and meditation can drastically improve your lifestyle and helps you live longer. Spiritual leaders teach you how to do meditation so that it can help  you to enhance your awareness . They will also describe you why awareness is necessary . One of the reason they can tell you that to be calm, creative , helpful,  for better environment, for the upliftment of the human kind, to bring peace in society and the reasons are so many. Spiritual leaders we all know are generally known by the their charitable work for the society and the number of books they write give them name and fame and worldwide recognition  and their followers are in lakhs and can as many as possible. 

Now we have known that spiritual people few characteristics . But there are so many people worldwide who has not earned any recognition to be called as spiritual leaders but yet they are spiritual . These people are those who live normally and do what they are supposed to do and try to adjust in every circumstances and do what is right and take the correct action against the wrong thing happening around them  at the appropriate time. These people do not make enemies but they also do not believe in making friends all around and these people don’t seek social approval by the society. They just live in their own and helpful to the people who need them . And they also believe in eating normal and simple food and dressing not like hero or heroine but as needed to be dress up . Also these people do not believe in speaking ill and unnecessary . They speak when required and most of the time whenever they speak it would be for the benefits of others. So these were few characteristics of how to recognize a spiritual person. You can also be a spiritual person so start exploring yourself!




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