Truth of a magazine and a scientist

truth-1462549427Few years back i was very fond of reading a very worldwide famous magazine called “Reader’s Digest” a mini magazine and costly one . It supposed to be spreading very genuine information . I was almost reading this magazine since  year 2000 .One day i read an article about which vitamins actually is beneficial and for what purpose . Article was such that it claimed that scientist has discovered that having vitamin C  supplements or tablets can actually improve memory . And i felt “wow” this is amazing after that i started taking vitamin C as supplements in my diet . Also this magazine published that scientist has discovered that taking Vitamin E  as supplements in your diet can actually proved to be work as beneficial as natural Vitamin E. So i included both vitamins in my diet. After few years the same magazine says Scientist has discovered that taking Vitamin C or any other vitamins as supplements in your diet does not have any benefits . Now tell what to believe or what not to believe. Such a prestigious magazine and reliable discovery of scientist . Can you bother to say that these both are false or misleading us?  

I do not understand what these scientist do that they do not themselves that they are right or wrong  and before knowing the truth they publish their discovery in the magazine and the magazine people do publish their article for the sake of money  and showing off they are bringing worldly knowledge to the mass. 

I just feel to warn you that don’t believe on what scientist has discovered specially regarding to health matters because one day they find something new and they publish it  and after few years they contradict themselves that what they found out was not actually true. 

To the conclusion read magazine as a source of Information not as something which is spreading the truth and awareness. What is truth and what is not , you may not know until you encounter it yourself till then take media just as a source of information and do not believe it complete as truth.  


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