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Network For Companies

Network For Companies

Question- What it means to be a computer Network for a company ?

Answer – Many organizations have a number of computers in operations often localized far apart e.g. a company with many branches many have computer at each location to keep track of inventories , monitor productivity and do the payroll. Initially these branches do the work in isolation with each other, but at some point of time , the management decides to connect them to extract and correlate information about the entire company for the benefit of the company .


Components of computer network

Components of computer network


First of all we need to know that a network is a combination of different components . The most essential components of simple network are listed below:-

  1. Server
  2. Nodes
  3. Workstation
  4. Network operating system
  1. Server:- Servers are faster computer that run various software’s, store and process information and also provides a human interface for the user to be able to use the networked computers.
  2. Nodes :- Nodes are the computer on the network which are provided to the users to carry out their task using the network.
  3. Workstation :- A node which is more powerful , and can handle local information processing or graphics processing is called a workstation . The workstation works for the person sitting in front of it , where as server serves all the people on the network to share its resources . A workstation usually has an inexpensive ,small hard disk or having disk less workstation or having no disk drives of their own . Such terminals are also called as dumb terminals and they rely completely on the LAN for their access. The network operating system lets the nodes work as if all the resources at the server belong to the node itself.
  4. Network Operating System :- The network require some software to control all the transfer activity on the network , like the traffic police to control the traffic . The software called as NOS handles these tasks.
  5. LAN software :- On the network ,each computer is called a node or a workstation unless there are certain computers designed as servers . LAN cables connect all the nodes and servers together to form the network . In additions to local disk operating system , each node requires networking software that enables the node to communicate with the servers. In return , File Servers run network software the communicates with the nodes.
  6. LAN cable :- This is the medium or channel over which the information travels from computer to computer . The information travels from one computer to another onto the medium and then from the medium to another computer in the form of that it can be read.
  7. Network Interface Card:– Each computer contains a network interface card . This card is used to connect the cables to the computer . These cards can help the computer to transfer the data at a faster rate and in the form of packets . These cards are plugged into the computer motherboard . These cards are generally called as Ethernet cards.


Advantages of Computer Network

Advantages of Computer Network

Advantages of Computer Network

  1. Share a Single copy of file among all the users , even simultaneously.
  2. Transfer files from computer to computer or from one computer to the central hard disk on the server .
  3. Share applications over the entire network , thus reducing the cost of purchasing the multiple copies .A multi user license cost much less than buying a stand alone license .
  4. Share resources like printers ,hard disks ,CD-ROM Drives , MODEM, Fax machine etc.
  5. Use email for internal communications, insert office notes etc. , creating almost paperless office etc.
What is computer network

What is computer network

What is computer network?

Before understanding what is computer network we need to know what is network?


A network is a group of various components connected together in such a way that , it is possible to distribute or collect information over the entire group.

And what is computer Network?

Computer Network means interconnected collection of autonomous computer . Two computer are said to be interconnected if they are able to exchange information . The connection can be wired or wireless.

Question No-1 Which is not a network?

Answer – 1) A large computer with remote printers and terminals is not a network.

2) Nor a system with one control and many slaves in a network.

Question No 2 What is meant to be connected to a network?

Answer. 1) With a network user must explicitly log in to a machine ,explicitly submit jobs remotely , explicitly move files around and generally handle all network management personally .

2) Distribution or exchange of information is very important for any group of activity to work and function efficiently and this is best achieved by networking .

Computer network have become an important tool of communication , with an added advantage of being able to store large amount of data and also being able to deliver it as and when demanded .