What is computer network

What is computer network

What is computer network?

Before understanding what is computer network we need to know what is network?


A network is a group of various components connected together in such a way that , it is possible to distribute or collect information over the entire group.

And what is computer Network?

Computer Network means interconnected collection of autonomous computer . Two computer are said to be interconnected if they are able to exchange information . The connection can be wired or wireless.

Question No-1 Which is not a network?

Answer – 1) A large computer with remote printers and terminals is not a network.

2) Nor a system with one control and many slaves in a network.

Question No 2 What is meant to be connected to a network?

Answer. 1) With a network user must explicitly log in to a machine ,explicitly submit jobs remotely , explicitly move files around and generally handle all network management personally .

2) Distribution or exchange of information is very important for any group of activity to work and function efficiently and this is best achieved by networking .

Computer network have become an important tool of communication , with an added advantage of being able to store large amount of data and also being able to deliver it as and when demanded .


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