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Root Of Inspiration


Most of the time we feel that our source of Inspiration comes from outside. We generally feel attracted to Movie stars and their great role performed by them . Also we feel attracted to people who are great motivational speaker who helps in inspiring people by explaining them how to become a great personality or how to become what you want . We also get easily inspired by those who have achieved more in less time .We can also feel inspired by great inventors who invented things which changed whole lifestyle of human being. We feel inspired by those  who  wrote inspirational poems and inspirational books. Even a person can feel inspired by people of his own house . So the list is long . The point is we can feel inspired by anyone or anything . How? . When we want to feel inspired we search something outside which can motivate us . Actually what we are doing is , we are searching somebody who is actually our “inner being” . That is the truth. We are searching somebody to  show the world that this is who we are ! For example :- you must have seen that people fond of watching action movies or fond of playing action games .Do you know why they are doing so ? because they want to let the gamer personality out of themselves . They want to show the world that they can win this game . A gamer is inside them . Similarly , one who has deeper interest in building things such as mechanical objects get more inspiration from scientist . This is half truth that we get inspiration to do something great from others only. Actually inspiration is within us , we just stimulating to an extent that becomes our drive to do anything we want . lets suppose you want to become a musician then what will you do? For that to happen you will first have a thought that i want to become a musician and why you want to become a musician because you feel inspired from so and so musician , No! because you think there is some musician already within you and so for that you choose someone from whom you can learn and be inspired  to move ahead so it is clear now that source of inspiration is we only not any other.